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Embedded LCD Monitor
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Computer & Accessory  -  Monitors
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Embeded LCD Monitor
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basic info

Embedded LCD Monitor

·Embedded LCD Monitor is a newly designed 15"LCD/17"LCD/19"LCD rack-mounted industrial-grade display;

·With 15 "LCD /17"LCD/19"LCD high-brightness LCD display, resistive touch screen is optional;
·The rightness and contrast of the LCD screen can be adjusted.Embedded LCD Monitor also has energy-saving standby mode.
· Advanced structural design,convenient installation .
·It is a cost-effective industrial-grade display which is compatible with panel-type installation,
·High-strength aluminum alloy panel, surface oxidation treatment after drawing
·Embedded LCD Monitor be widely used in telecommunications, electricity, multimedia, defense, industrial automation equipment, manufacturing and other fields.

Product Parameter
OSD        Adjustable OSD switch PVC foil
Touchscreen      COM/USB four-wire or five-wire
OSD menu       Eight languages such as Simplified / Traditional Chinese,English and French
Operating system     Windows,NT,UNIX,LINUX,NOVELL,DOS ,etc.
structure       15" /17″19"8U Rackmount
Panel        12mm thick high-strength aluminum alloy panel is anodized after drawing
Color         Standard black (support OEM)
Dimension       483mm×354mm× 56mm
Gross weight 15",9.4KG /17", 10.85KG /19",12.3GK

Work temperature     -10℃-50℃
Storage temperature    -20℃-60℃
Work humidity       20%-90%, Non-condensing
Storage humidity     5%-95%, Non-condensing
Vibration        5-17Hz,0.1-inch double amplitude displacement;17-640Hz,
1.56 peak-peak acceleration
Impact          10G peak-peak acceleration,duration is 15MS in the X, Y, Z axis
EMC           CE/FCC A  
MTBF          120,000 hours
Safety          UL/CSA/TUV/CE/3C

Power      Input    Output  Output current   Output   Efficiency   Total adjustments   Frequency
Specifications 100~240V 12V     4A     48W   85%       ±1%     47~63Hz
Built-in over-voltage, over-current short protection
Type           a-Si TFT-LCD
Screen Size        15/17/19
Aspect Ratio        4:3
Gray Time        5/11 (Tr/Tf) ms
Contrast         400:1
Brightness        250 cd/㎡
Resolution        1024 X 768
Pixel Pitch         0.297 x 0.297 mm
Color          16.7M
Viewing Angle      65/65/45/55 (L/R/U/D)
Dimensions       326.5 x 253.5 x 11.2 mm (WxHxD)
Visual Area       304.1 x 228.1 mm (WxH)
Display mode       Normally White
Power         15"20W/17" 25 W/19" 25W
Panel weight       1,000 g
Signal Interface      1ch LVDS
Backlight Type      2 CCFLs
Backlight Life       100,000 hours
Input          12V DC
Dimming         OSD control

Touchscreen (Optional)
Type                 5-wire resistive
Resolution               15"Continuous
Touch Range               305×229
Optical transmission rate          76%±2
Transmittance                80%-90%
Operating pressure             25G(General standard)-35G
Yang resistance characteristics       300
The average displacement difference    1%
Port                   RS-232/USB(optional)
Operating system              Windows,NT,UNIX,LINUX,NOVELL,DOS and so on.

Other features
Product Thickness             0.7mm-3.1mm ,Voltage:4V-6V ,Current
consumption                ≦60ma
Transmission Interface           RS-232(Bidirectional) and PS/2 Port , Transfer rate:38.4K Baud ,
Impedance: 300Ω/□ , Using tempered glass ,
Resistance: Anti-static electricity and radiation , waterproof, dustproof, oilproof.

Ordering information:

ICP-151   15"Rackmount Industrial LCD monitor,w/DVI/VGA,w/12V power supply
ICP-151T  15"Rackmount Industrial LCD monitor,w/DVI/VGA,w/12V power supply,w/5 wires touch screen

ICP-171   17"Rackmount Industrial LCD monitor,w/DVI/VGA,w/12V power supply
ICP-171T  17"Rackmount Industrial LCD monitor,w/DVI/VGA,w/12V power supply,w/5 wires touch screen

ICP-191   19"Rackmount Industrial LCD monitor,w/DVI/VGA,w/12V power supply
ICP-191T  19"Rackmount Industrial LCD monitor,w/DVI/VGA,w/12V power supply,w/5 wires touch screen

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